Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Tatting Fiasco

Strictly figuratively speaking; today I have turned around and may have flipped my vehicle in so doing.

Some time ago (October of 2007) I started the T.A.T. Tatting Proficiency Program. The first project required size 10 thread and I decided to use the shuttles that appear in my September 20, 2007 post on this blog.

Shortly thereafter I had an allergic reaction to a medication and the swelling caused my tendons to become inflamed so I had to quit tatting for a while.

Recently I have started tatting again and shortly after my return to the art I became involved with an online Design class.

Since I had these shuttles still loaded from the end of 2007 I decided to use them.

I remember how much trouble some of us had with these shuttles. Since the ends did not close very well the shuttles have a tendency to run away should you let one loose. I have watched video of the maker tat so I know that my manipulation and his are very different so I can see how it would not be a concern for him.

In the design class I did a simple second row pattern and was fairly happy with the look. But, I decided to try some simple modifications as an aside. Well today I was making a join and I shredded the thread. Grabbed the wrong hook I think. Well between torn thread and frustration with the shuttles I cut the project (literally) and unscrewed the shuttles (three at this point) and removed the thread.

The shuttles have been packed with my other archived shuttles and I will return to the project I started to take with me on vacation last July. But I will need to decide which shuttles to use with size 10 thread. I have a few clovers that would run away, clicking all the way down, with size 20, but they are small, especially compared with the ones I have retired.

Well I felt I had to rant so as a little gift for your time here is a picture of my design project. All rings are 4-4-4-4 and all chains are either 10 or 5-5. I just ask for fair attribution should you attempt to copy it. I will post a pattern someday.

Pat T.


TattingChic said...

Glad to hear your tendons are feeling better and you can tat now! Your new design is lovely! :)

~TattingChic ♥

Maureen said...

Tatsy shuttles are good to use for thicker thread; although they're large, I've always found them comfortable to hold, and the points are tight!

ginabea said...

Have you tried the Sew Mate shuttles from Lacis? I like them when I need to hold a LOT of thread. gina Butler in OKC

Pat the Tat Rat said...

The hands hurt a little tonight, but I have tatted a little and enjoyed it. I am supposed to tat one of my classmates designs. I am using size 20 on a couple of German Aeros, also previously loaded.

I have a couple of Tatsy shuttles I bought when I first started tatting but have never used. I also have a couple of Sew Mate shuttles that I bought when they first came out, still in their packages. I will have to try both. I also have a couple of red boye shuttles that look like they might work. I think I'll try the Sew mates first, I like the new colors.

Thanks to all for the comments and advice.