Thursday, August 20, 2009

It is hard to believe it was last November when I last made a posting. I knew I was inconsistent but that is a bit much. The name Tattered Musing originally reflected my obsession with tatting. But due to many obstacles I have done little in tatting until recently.

I have been taking a bobbin lace class but since finishing my last project (June 18, 2009) I have had little time for hobbies, sort of.

We did take a vacation mid-July to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine Texas. In preparation for vacation I started Mary Konior’s Network in a vivid pink. I was so out of practice that my tension changed so much taht about a quarter of the way through I decided it was not worth continuing.

I bought some of the new Lizbeth thread in a beautiful blue and began Mary Konior’s Spinning wheel (glass mat version). I did do a little on vacation though on the last day at Great Wolf Lodge I had to do a little retro-tatting and there was not enough light. So I waited until I got home.

Since then I have occasionally been able to work on the tatting. I have also been trying to find time to work on a Spanish Bobbin Lace pillow. For my birthday a couple of weekends ago I received some nice Spanish Bobbins and some small square bobbins.

I went to Jo-Ann’s a couple of days ago (Tuesday) and ran into my Lace Teacher (who does not live in Austin). She had just come from the class, which I have not been able to attend all summer. My son shouted “Oh, you’ll be able to go next week,” when school starts. I had not even thought about that. The official start date for the class is September 14, 2009, but we still meet between sessions.

So now I need to start that Bedfordshire project since I won’t have the Spanish Pillow ready by next week for the Torchon piece I want to study.

I guess my main concern right now has to do with scissors. I started working on an online design class and decided to empty some bobbins holding size 10 crochet cotton. I set up a second box to carry my tatting around in.

Unfortunately the only scissors that fit this box are my Gingher Stork embroidery scissors. Cutting the size 10 I started to worry about the scissors, they felt strained. So I wrote Gingher. They think I should be using my W-4 or my W-5s. They do not fit in the box. So I will be real careful and only use the tips when I have to cut a thread sticking out of the double stitches.

With my bobbin lace, I have a bigger box and have a pair of Gingher Lion Tail embroidery scissors for finishing work. I have a pair of detail scissor for most thread cutting.

Well back to tatting, if I have time after the laundry.

Take care!

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