Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A busy time and a few new tools

I wish I had more time for crafts and I do wish I had more time to share my world with, well, the world.

I have been agonizing over last weekend’s Pack Campout. I have two Webelos (my son and his best friend) and by tradition the newly elevated Senior Webelos prepare the meal for the Pack at the Spring Campout. All went fairly well. I was a little short on Taco Meat and Pizza pockets, but made up for it with the two cobblers. They were excellent.

On top of this our Pastor called a meeting with two choir directors and myself to plan an up coming Confirmation Mass with the Bishop. I am the “Music Resource Person” for the Parish. I do miss leading a choir, but that’s another rant.

But on to my crafty life, I have been working on “the project that does not exist”; a cross-stitch kit that I am making as a gift and I am trying to get my boys to not talk about it. I started it about a month ago and thought I would have it in time for a birthday next month until the day I noticed I had worked exactly on hour and knew exactly how many stitches I had made. I should be able to complete the project in less than 270 hours, so Christmas then.

I didn’t get much done at my Bobbin Lace class last Tuesday (yesterday). Some days it is just too much fun to be more social than dedicated. Well for one thing it was the last official class of the semester so we all brought “finger foods”. For another our local bobbin maker visited and brought some of her wares for us to admire desire and acquire.(

I was able to resist buying a pair of really nice tatting shuttles, but that was the end of my resolve. I bought a pair of what I believe are her Barley Twist one in Kingswood and one in Ebony, I also bought a pair of Fancy Turned Bobbins that do not really match anything on her Web Site but as you can see they are very nice.

I also bought a scissor tip cover. She had several with an elastic monofilament string of bead and I was quite taken with one with a Cat bead, but decided I would do my own beads (still regret it a bit, but mine should still be nice). Cute kitty though.

I also bought a hoop style pin puller, DymondWood-Fuchsia color.

I am also including pictures of some of my older tools made by Fran; my v-style puller with matching crochet hook and pricker.

And finally my oldest tools, my tatting set of three crochet hooks and knot un-doer tapestry needle thingy.

Well as you can see, though I had a lot to do after my class I did manage to spangle the two pairs.

I also added a couple of Hedgies to my collection. I won a silent auction item at our Elementary School’s PTA silent auction which included a plush Fox and a gift certificate which covered most of the cost of the two Hedgies. They are the two brown ones on each side of the WebKinz Hedgie in the center. I also placed the winning bid on a Violin Lesson but that’s another story. Poor thing (violin) had not seen the light of day in twenty years.

Pat T.

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deanna7trees said...

nice post. i'm impressed that you already spangled your bobbins. i just keep looking at mine.